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Free Online Web-Class Reveals...  

How I Raised My Credit Score From 547 to 802 after Foreclosure!

What You'll Learn In This Free Web-Class:  

Dig in to the SCIENCE behind credit score calculations  

Learn how to tweak your credit report for MAXIMUM impact on your finances  

Get the 411 on how GOOD credit adds up to a less expensive life 

Learn how to raise your credit score with a few QUICK, SIMPLE changes ​​​​​​​

Credit is POWER and I want YOU in full control of it! Meet me online TODAY, to find out how to take the reigns...

About Your Presenter  

Tiffany Aliche, CEO

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is quickly becoming America's favorite, personal financial educator. The Budgetnista is also an Amazon #1 bestselling author (The One Week Budget and Live Richer Challenge), sought-after speaker and teacher of financial empowerment.  

Since 2014, The Budgetnista’s LIVE RICHER Challenge movement has helped over 700,000 women from 100+ countries, by inspiring and empowering them to achieve their financial goals.  

Her financial advice has also been featured in The New York Times, the TODAY show, Good Morning America, CNN, TIME, and FORBES.  

In 2019, Tiffany helped create a law requiring financial literacy education in middle schools in New Jersey.  

She also blogs about personal finance for The Huffington Post and co-hosts an award-winning podcast, Brown Ambition.  

Learn more about Tiffany and The Budgetnista here: thebudgetnista.com

Tiffany Aliche, CEO

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